The rules for online blackjack and land-based casino blackjack are the same, but the game is different. In online blackjack, the buttons for all the moves available at any time are displayed on the screen. Just click on the selected button. In land based casinos, obviously, this procedure cannot be followed. You must tell the dealer what you want to do. However, verbal communication between the player and the dealer is not feasible. Frequent background chat can prevent the dealer from correctly hearing what the player is saying. Problems of different accents could also arise. There can be no room for ambiguities or misunderstandings in communication. Therefore, there is a standard hand signal system for playing blackjack in land based casinos. It’s pretty standard all over the world. This article explains the hand signals for common blackjack moves.

At most blackjack tables in the world, the player’s cards are dealt face up. You must have two things in mind. Under no circumstances are you allowed to touch the dealt cards or your original bet in any way. If you want to hit, you must touch the table with your finger. Alternatively, you can point to your cards. If you want to stand, you must move your hand horizontally over the cards keeping your hand parallel to the table.

Double and split bets are a bit trickier. Both require you to place another bet equal to your initial bet. And there are some hands that you can split and double down on. An example is a pair of five. Therefore, you must clearly communicate to the dealer whether you want to split or double. First you put your additional bet behind your ante bet. Never place the side bet on top of the ante bet. If you want to duplicate, you must lift your index finger to indicate that you want a card. If you don’t have a pair, it will be presumed that you want to duplicate, even if you don’t lift your index finger.

If you want to divide, you need to make a V sign with your fingers to indicate that you want to form two hands. There is no option here, because you have the option to double down on any pair. If you don’t make the V sign, the dealer may assume you want to double down and will deal the card into your hand.

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